17 maja - 25 lipca 2014
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Knights of Saint Florian

Ice Age Animals
The Dzieduszycki Museum presented the Orsetti House Museum's collection of fossilized mammal bones from the Pleistocene Era. In large part these were the bones of mammoths (teeth, tusks, leg bones, skull fragments). The findings were from the San River Valley in the vicinity of Jarosław.

The exhibition was curated by Joanna Kociuba in cooperation with Danuta Baran, Iwona Długoń, and Piotr Prymon

Special classes at the Dzieduszycki Museum.
On February 20th, 2012, the students from the secondary school in Zarzecze participated in a museum class on ice age animals. Joanna Kociuba, an archaeologist from the Orsetti House Museum in Jarosław, talked about the collection of fossilized mammal bones. The students had the chance to learn more about the living conditions and eventual extinction of mammoths and woolly rhinoceroses. The top attraction was the opportunity to touch the bones of the prehistoric animals.

Kazimierz Mac and His Folk Band
In autumn 2011, the Dzieduszycki Museum presented an exhibition devoted to the history of the once famous band Kapela Ludowa z Kisielowa. Formed by Kazimierz Mac and Antoni Zabłocki, the band played from 1969 into the 1990s, "cultivating traditional, authentic, and non-stylized folklore of Przeworsk and its vicinity." The musicians were awarded at festivals and events in Poland many times, including at the Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny. Kazimierz Mac was also given the Oskar Kolberg and the Franciszkek Kotula Awards.


Under Saint Michael the Archangel's Wings
From May to August 2011, the Dzieduszycki Museum presented an exhibition devoted to the history of the church in Zarzecze.
The exhibition intended to introduce the younger generation to the future of the local parish and remind older citizens of the past.
The organization of the exhibition would not have been possible without local parishioners willing to donate their family photos and mementos. Thank you to all.