The Dzieduszycki Museum in Zarzecze is a branch of the Orsetti House Museum in Jarosław. It is located in the former Dzieduszycki Family Palace in Zarzecze. It was created through a special agreement between the present owner of the building, the Zarzecze Commune, the Association of the Dzieduszycki Family of the Sas Coat of Arms, and the District Governor's Office in Jarosław.

The Museum was established by a notarial deed of February 23rd, 2007, and was opened on April 26th, 2008, by representatives of the patron institutions, including Izabela Dzieduszycka from the Association of the Dzieduszycki Family, Commune Head Wiesław Kubicki, and Director of the Orsetti House Museum Jarosław Orłowski. The ceremony was attended by members of the Dzieduszycki family and representatives of the municipal and provincial authorities, led by Mirosław Karapyta. Archbishop of Przemyśl Józef Michalik consecrated the Museum.