90 LAT MUZEUM - uroczystości jubileuszowe.
Msza św. w kolegiacie Bożego Ciała, konferencja naukowa w Sali Lustrzanej kamienicy Attavantich
i wystawa okolicznościowa ZNANE - NIEPOKAZYWANE w kamienicy Orsettich.

The Orsetti House Museum was opened in 1925. However officials of the Municipal Council, Felicjan Tadeusz Papara in particular, had been collecting documents and mementos related to the history of the town since 1902, with the idea of creating a museum. In the 1920s, the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jan Harlender, along with the support of the Town Council, worked hard to develop the Museum. His efforts paid off. When the Museum was established – on the 550th founding anniversary of the town – Jan Harlender became its first director. The Museum has been in several locations. It was first housed at the Town Hall and then, from 1938 to 1945, in the Attavanti House (at Rynek 5). During World War II, Kazimierz Gottfried, another long-time director of the Museum, looked after its collections.

After the War, the Orsetti House, one of the most beautiful bourgeois homes in Poland, was given to the Museum. It owes its name and design to Wilhelm Orsetti, a wealthy merchant and Cracow banker of Italian origin, who, attracted by Jarosław's significant role in trade, bought the House in the first half of the 17th century.