The Orsetti House Museum organizes many museum and history classes.

Teachers and students are welcome to sign up for the following classes:

  • Jarosław: Royal Town and Town of Kings.
  • The Great Fairs in Jarosław.
  • Guild Craft and Arts.
  • Under the Habsburg Sceptre. Jarosław during the Partitions.
  • The Museum's Archive Records.
  • Our School. The History of Education in Jarosław in the Second Half of the 19th
        and in the 20th Century.
  • The Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Protestant Church, the Synagogue:
        A Multicultural and Multinational Jarosław.
  • The Artefact and the Museum Exhibition.
  • Historic Architecture of Jarosław.
  • Jarosławian Houses with Roofed Interior Courtyards.
  • Photographs and Postcards from the Museum Collections.
  • From Daguerre to the Present. The History of Photography.
  • The History of the Book.
  • A Collection of Books on Jarosław and the Region.
  • The Prehistory of Jarosław and the Surrounding Area.
  • Archaeological Research in Jarosław.
  • The Benedictine Sisters' Convent in Jarosław: An Archaeological Perspective.
  • The Owners of Jarosław.
  • The Jarosław of Mayor Adolf Dietzius (1891-1919).
  • Why Do We Have Museums?
  • The Jarosław Garrison during the Galician Period and the Second Polish Republic.
  • Jarosław during World War I and World War II.
  • The Role of Jarosławian Citizens in National Uprisings.
  • That's how it was . . . A brief history of the 20th-century Jarosław and the Museum
        (an audiovisual presentation). This class covers the most important facts from the 20th-century
         history of the town, starting from Austro-Hungarian rule, through Independence, to the present
         day. Written by Zofia Kostka-Bieńkowska Read by Paweł Sroka Sound by Wiktor Marut
         Edited by Henryk Górecki
  • Jarosław and the Jarosław District on the 150th Anniversary of the January Uprising
        (1863-1864) (presentation).