2013     Repairs of the Museum's foundation construction. 261.653,82
  2009     Installation of the closed circuit television system in the Museum. 100.000,00
  2008     Modernisation of the photography studio: funding for the Museum's purchase of photography equipment.   24.595,00
  2008     Conservation and restoration of museum items for the Museum's branch in Zarzecze.   25.033,00
  2007     Renovation of the Museum's facade (Jarosław, Rynek 4). 349.501.79
  2006     Conservation and preservation of textiles – Old Polish Zupan (the traditional dress of Polish noblemen)
    and "Falcon" banner.
  2006     Insulation of the Museum's foundation walls (interior courtyard).   48.638,00
  2004     Vertical and horizontal insulation, mould elimination and dehumidification of the Museum's foundations
   (work still in progress)
  2004     Roof renovation: construction and roofing replacement 147.341,79
  2003     Vertical and horizontal insulation, dehumidification of and mould elimination from the Museum's foundations
    and footings.